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  • 3 Types of Turbochargers

    3 Types of Turbochargers

    Written By Elaine Chai on September 4th      •      Comments Off on 3 Types of Turbochargers      •      Uncategorized

    Having been around for decades, turbochargers’ ever-evolving technology has succeeded in boosting the power of smaller engines, delivering impressive engine performance and boasting exceptional improvement in power-to-weight ratio for the engine. With an increasing need for fuel-efficient power, turbochargers...

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  • The History of Turbochargers

    The History of Turbochargers

    Written By Elaine Chai on August 1st      •      Comments Off on The History of Turbochargers      •      Uncategorized

    Turbochargers are paving the way for a greener future in the automobile industry – but have you ever wondered about its history? Below, we take a look back at the birth of the forced induction system and how turbochargers...

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