All Turbo Charger The dangers of DIY Non-OEM Turbocharger Rebuild Kits – APT Turbo Repair Shop

The dangers of DIY Non-OEM Turbocharger Rebuild Kits – APT Turbo Repair Shop

The dangers of DIY Non-OEM Turbocharger Rebuild Kits – APT Turbo Repair Shop

As regular consumers, we’re always on the lookout for cheaper alternatives. There’s nothing wrong with trying to save a few bucks. After all, that’s how consumers regulate the market – by choosing to purchase merchandise that isn’t grossly overpriced and trying to bypass unnecessary visits to the turbo repair shop.

Unfortunately, many consumers become victim to unscrupulous businesses that take advantage of them, and manufacture cheap, bad products. Chances are, even if the kit was being sold at RM30 the quality of the product is so low that the manufacturer is still making a killing from it. And while they often look the part, they don’t work. Or at least they do for a short while – before they fail completely. If you’re lucky it won’t completely destroy your gear.

The problems don’t end there. Before failing, non-OEM manufactured DIY turbocharger rebuild kits can cause serious damage to other parts of your engine as well. In the long run, you’re actually paying many times fold the amount if you went straight for a genuine product.

Here are a few reasons why getting a fake turbo repair kit over eBay may be a bad idea…

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  1. Inaccurately sized.

Because many turbochargers use OEM proprietary parts, such as bearings and seals, the likelihood that a non-OEM DIY rebuild kit containing ill-fitting components is high. Oversized/undersized parts, even if properly installed, will leave seal gaps and shaft play, resulting in an unstable, poor performance turbo that is going to be less efficient – and wear out even faster than the original parts did.

If you do purchase a cheap DIY repair kit and plan to use it, at least bring it to a qualified turbo repair shop and let them ascertain the quality of the product before you cause irreversible damage to your turbocharger and/or engine.

  1. Lack of proper tools and training.

Unless you owned your own turbo repair shop, attempting to properly repair or install a turbocharger, even a well-built and to spec kit, is going to be impossible. A proper turbo repair shop are highly specialized, and are equipped with highly specialized tools and machines that are needed to install and repair turbochargers of different manufacturer.

The staff are also specifically certified to do work on different brands of turbocharger. As mentioned above, OEM manufactured turbochargers contain a lot of proprietary parts that vary from manufacturer.

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Without the proper tools, equipment and training it is risky to install even a well-made turbo repair kit, yet alone one that is just waiting to blow up.

  1. Balancing.

Or often than not, an unbalanced in the turbo system is a big contributor to the damage. However, rebalancing the turbo is not something you want to attempt through trial and error. The only way to test a system is to run it, and a turbocharger revs to up to 100,000rpm, and is likely to immediately reintroduce damage even before you have a chance to fix it. In other words, you will want to get the balance right the first time around – something you’d need specially trained staff and equipment to do.

  1. Poor quality.

While not all non-OEM manufactured turbo repair kits are bad, most of them are. To makes a quick buck, manufacturers of fake turbo repair kits use low quality materials and construction methods that ignore proper alloying elements, heat treatments, surface finish, and dimensional tolerancing to reduce cost and maximize earnings. And they do this at the consumer’s expense.

  1. No warranty.

Fake DIY repair kits are unlikely to come with a warranty, so using one is akin to a gamble. The lack of warranty on a DIY repair kit was probably an intentional as well, as they were probably designed to fail in the first place. Buying and installing a fake DIY repair kit is risking money on a product that is likely to cause even more damage on your car and have all the liability transferred to you. Not to mention the additional vehicle downtime.

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